Social Distancing Backyard Baby Shower

If you are wondering if it's possible to have baby shower in the middle of a pandemic, I'm here to tell you yes, yes it is.

A few weeks ago my sisters threw me the most perfect backyard baby shower which inspired me to write this post and share all the little details. I have put together a list of different ways my shower kept things safe, and comfortable in hopes it will help you plan your gathering.

Baby Shower Florals

Guest List - Unfortunately you will probably have to keep the guests list on the smaller side. If you are struggling with who to invite, my best advice would be to go with immediate family and friends that live close by. People will understand! If there are friends and family from out of state, schedule a zoom meeting at a certain time so they can be involved.

* Different states have different rules on the number of people allowed at social gatherings. It is important to check these guidelines and adhere to them. We chose to have the shower at a family home and outside, to allow for maximum air flow and plenty of space to social distance.

Baby Shower Masks and Signage
Social Distancing Signage for Baby Shower

Signage - If the mom to be is like me, she has probably been staying some what secluded and distanced from people other than family. Have a talk with her and see what makes her most comfortable and make sure to communicate your expectations to your guests. Have a sign at the entrance and throughout the gathering as friendly reminders.

Masks and Sanitizer- If you would like guests to wear a masks, it is best to have some on hand. Have some fun with it, and get a fun color that goes with your theme. For hand sanitizer you can have a station at the entrance for guests to use right away, and bottles throughout. I great idea is to also provide everyone with their own mini bottle. This way they can easily access it throughout the party, and appreciate having it later for their purse or car.

Baby shower Tables cape

Food/ Beverages-

One of the biggest concerns when throwing a party during these times is the food and how it is served. Panera has a great option for a variety of individually wrapped sandwich boxes that pair perfectly with Deep River potato chips. ( my favorite brand) In addition you can order all types of salads from local markets and have them wrap them individually, or wrap them up and label yourself. It is best to keep food and drink tables on opposite ends of your space to prevent crowds from gathering, and to have different areas for guests to throw their trash away.

Panera catering individually wrapped sandwiches

Want to serve mimosas, but don't want a crowded mimosa bar/ station? Grab some splits and bottle up orange juice. This also gives guest the option to add juice, or just drink from the bottle like I would ;)

Seating - Be sure to spread out tables and seating. If you do have a seating chart, I would suggest keeping people who live in the same home or are in the same family together. If you don't, guests will most likely do this on their own. Have enough space that people can move chairs around if they feel more comfortable.

Keep in mind, it is important to speak with the mom-to-be and make sure she is comfortable with the number of people invited, her views on if people should wear masks, and whatever else makes her feel at ease. Communicating your expectations of what you view as a safe environment to your guest ahead of time is a crucial aspect. Make sure everyone is okay with your standards before they RSVP yes.

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy your time with your close friends and family!

Supply List

Target Pink Plates

White disposable plates

Gold Flatware

Light Pink Napkins

Pink & gold straws

Pink cups for water

Salt & Pepper shakers

White paper lanterns

Pink tissue pom poms

More Pom Poms

Pink masks

macaroni containers

Salad boxes

Champagne Glasses

Carafes with lid

White Pop Up Trash Bins

Clear Bottles

Paper Folding Fan