Dresses with a (Re)purpose

Ok, so I admit it... I have a little bit of a hoarding problem. While hanging out quarantined at home I decided to do some purging... starting with the closet. I came across my bridesmaid dresses from my sister's, and best friend's wedding that I have been holding on to because, "I planned on turning them into something." I decided it was now or never, and since they both have had daughters, I knew exactly what I was going to do.

Bear and Bridesmaids Dress with Bow

I came up with the idea to turn these very special dresses into dresses for their daughters. Since I'm not a pattern maker, I went on Etsy and searched patterns for little girl dresses. There are so many options, all very fairly priced! I also like that you can download and print out immediately after receiving. I ended up going with this adorable style.

Sewing has been something I've been working on improving for a while now, but because I haven't yet perfected it, I was a little worried my dresses wouldn't fit properly. I came up with a plan B just in case, and purchased these adorable Vermont Teddy bears. I figured they could wear the dress if they didn't fit my little friends, or after they grew out of them. This way they would always have the dress and it made it that much more special.

A dress like this would not be complete without a matching bow, so I found this quick technique and these headbands and made the bows in less than 10 minutes.

Let me tell you... completing this project felt really good! So if you have an idea that you've been thinking about for 5+ years, my suggestion is to schedule a time and get it done! You will feel super productive, and won't feel bad about hoarding things anymore ;)

Here's a look at what the dresses looked like before!

Stay tuned for more quarantined projects!

Bye for now,