Childhood Dresser Makeover

Since before we started renovating our upstairs, I knew what dresser we were going to use in the nursery. I'm sure you've seen it, or have even used it in your own nursery. It's the Ikea Hermes and it had been my dresser for the past few years. It was going to be perfect and double as a changing table. Well wouldn't you know when the nursery was complete, and the dresser was placed in there, I didn't like it. It made the room a little too crowded and didn't allow much room for anything else. So the search began for something new and more suitable.

Around the same time, my parents were putting away their Christmas decor and decided to clean out their attic. I got a text asking me if I wanted my old childhood dresser. My first thoughts.. "Umm no thanks... " I wasn't sure what condition it was in or what creatures may have made it their home for the past few years. Then once I saw it in person I had a change of heart. After all, it was a perfectly good piece of furniture that just needed a little sprucing up. It was also the perfect size to fit in Eva's closet, allowing more space for other things.

A little scary huh!? The next steps were cleaning the drawers with a mixture of bleach and dish soap, sanding, and filling the previous drawer handle holes. Then painting! We had a good amount of leftover paint from the renos so I just used the white from our bathrooms.

BOOM! It was a new dresser!

I had already planned on changing the knobs to the plan A dresser and had created these leather pulls.

I got the idea from the One Kings Lane Blog. You can view the how to video here, and I will include my list of supplies at the end of this post

While this next detail will probably go unnoticed to most, I really like how it turned out! Even though I cleaned the drawers VERY well, I felt like I still wanted to add a layer of contact paper. I also thought it added a cool touch!

I will say this was probably the most frustrating part, but worth it!


As a little sneak peak, you can see I also added the pulls to the changing table. Stay tuned for more details!

Leather for Knobs

Screws for Knobs

Leather Hole punch

Paint - Leftover wall paint

Contact Paper

If you're not feeling ambitious there are lots of sellers on Etsy that sell leather pulls, and you can buy them from Ikea.

I would love to hear about your makeovers!

Bye for now,