Gifts for the Newly Engaged

Tis the season for engagements and if your looking for a the perfect gift for the bride to be ... look no further. I am a big fan of creating themed baskets, however I know the work that goes into finding the perfect items to place in them is hard. That is why I did the work for you .. All you have to do is find a cute basket, storage box, or Tote bag ( like this one), add some pretty tissue, throw one (or all) of the gifts below in, and you're done. The best part? These are all from Amazon, so you don't even have to get to off the couch to go get any of it. #YOURWELCOME

1. Bling Wipes, because she's gotta keep that new ring sparkling for those announcement pics ;)

2. "Does This Ring Make Me Look Engaged?" Mug.... You know.. for the Instagram post.

3. The cutest little ring holder I ever did see!

4. This Engagement Journal! If you're friend is anything like me .. she may have been in a daze a day or two after she was proposed to. Once she comes back to earth, she'll definitely want to document how it all went down, and this even have prompts to jog her memory.

5. Some inspiration! This book is full of beautiful ideas and inspo for the bride to be and it's a great way to ease into the planning process. Plus it has pretty pictures ;)

6. And last but not least, this Kate Spade Wedding planner to help her manage her plans for happily ever after.

And that's everything to get her started on her marry way.

Are you a bride to be looking for somewhere to register? We love Zola! ... and if you register using this link you'll get a 50$ credit once a purchase is made from your registry!

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