Apple Crisp Vodka Seltzer

Fall has finally arrived, which means its the perfect time for everything apples! ( Sorry pumpkin spice... we're over you.) If you're in the mood for a delicious fall cocktail, then here's a recipe for you!


7 cinnamon sticks

2 thinly sliced apples

Titos Vodka 750 ml bottle

Polar Vanilla Seltzer

To make room for ingredients, pour some vodka out of the bottle and make yourself a vodka soda ;) or .. Find another container larger enough to hold all ingredients. The choice is yours. Add apples and Cinnamon sticks to vodka, cover and let sit overnight (or longer for more intense flavor) mix one shot (or two or three) with vanilla seltzer in a short glass and Enjoy!

And remember what they say .... a vodka a day keeps the doctor away.

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