Ireland Adventure

Happy November! (still trying to figure out when that happened!?) So you've probably noticed I have been slacking on the posts lately. I'll fill you in on what has been keeping me busy later, but for now let me tell you about my adventure to Ireland. ( You're welcome Mom.)

Back in June my lovely friends tied the knot in Ireland and some family members and myself decided to make a trip out of it. (because why the heck not?!). Dublin is where we called home for the week. We stayed in an Airbnb close enough to the sites, but far enough away from the crowds and late night commotion.

our home away from home

For our first night out, Our AirBnb host suggested The Chop House for dinner and Searson's for a drink. Both were within walking distance and neither disappointed.

The first couple days we strolled the streets of Dublin, and checked out some of the "Must see," spots around the city. These included St. Patricks Cathedral, Trinity College, and Temple Bar. If you have a whole day here be sure to get a hop on hop off pass for all the sites. A local suggested this to us and said even after living there his whole life, there was lots to learn.

The third day was our friends FANTASTIC Irish wedding at the Killashee Hotel. The hotel was set back on a hill with breathtaking views! It was such a beautiful spot for the occasion! ( Maybe this friend will be so kind to send us some photos for a wedding post ;) )

Day three was the beginning of our road trips. We headed to the city of Cork where we stopped for lunch at the English Market and then Rang the Bells of Shandon. Next stop... Blarney Castle, to kiss the Blarney Stone and inherit the gift of eloquence. ( or to freak the heck out for half a second while being tipped upside down high up in the castle) The castle and grounds provided us hours of admiration for the architecture as well as the landscaping and history.

The next day we hit the road again, this time to see the alluring Cliffs of Moher. As anticipated, the views we simply breathtaking. The drive from Dublin took about 3 hours. As we came closer to the cliffs, the roads started to narrow and soon we were surrounded by sheep, fields, and the occasional HUGE bus that we could not fathom how they drove up those skinny, small streets! When we finally arrived we made our way from one end to the other, stopping frequently to take photos.

After sucking in this magnificent experience we headed to Galway where we grabbed some Shepard's pie, did a little shopping, and took in the charm of the city. If I could do it again, I would probably spend a night here to split up the driving and experience more of the eclectic town and lively nightlife.

Our last adventure was to Belfast where we spent most of the day at the Titanic Museum. It is an awesome experience, especially if you are traveling with children. ( my 6 year old nephew LOVED it! ) Unfortunately, because I was so busy expanding my knowledge, I didn't take very many photos which means now you'll have to go there see it for yourself ;)

After the museum we grabbed a bite to eat at The Barking Dog. A cute little spot with a delicious seasonal menu.

Again, I wish we had more time to explore Belfast, but once again it was time to head to our home base. After all it was our last night in Dublin, and what better way to spend it, then with oysters, a lamb platter, and drinks. My only regret about this restaurant is that we didn't find it sooner. The Bank was hands down the best meal in Ireland. The menu has something for everyone, and the service was exceptional.


lamb trio

If I were to do it all over again I would probably stay for two weeks and split up the drives by staying a couple days in each town. Don't get me wrong, the scenery is BEAUTIFUL, but it was a lot of driving in a short amount of time and I would have loved to really experience each place.

Overall it was a great adventure with so many beautiful sites and friendly people. I would highly suggest taking a trip :)