'Tis The Season

Now that our stomachs are stuffed like the turkeys that once adorned our tables it is time to start shaking them like a big bowl of jelly. That’s right; Christmas is just around the corner…meaning more family time, parties, food, gifts, and searching for the perfect outfit that compliments that glass of prosecco permanently attached to our hand. Have no fear; I am here to hold your hand (the one not holding the champagne flute) every step of the way!

We ( me and my elves) have compiled a list of gifts for everyone, ranging from your 6-year-old nephew to that co-worker you are unsure even celebrates the holidays. And what are the holidays without spiked eggnog and fancy martinis paired with delectable (but easy, we promise!) appetizers, that are so good it leaves time for you to escape that one relative who always has something to say about your life…. that’s right, there’s one in every family. So put on some comfy pajamas, pour yourself a healthy bottle, uh we mean…glass of wine, and let us do all the thinking for you!

Let's start off with the good stuff...... A drink that will be sure to break the ice at your next cocktail party! The Top Shelf Elf !