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Welcome to Confetti & Macarons, a lifestyle blog based on the things I love. I am here to share my adventures, recipes, party planning and inspiration, as well as anything else that pops into my brain, and that I think others will find interesting.


A couple key facts to know:

I love adventures.... far away or exploring my own neighborhood. Discovering new places is a hobby of mine, whether it’s an old bar, new restaurant, a beautiful park or an exotic island. With these new and fun experiences comes my love to share my personal photographs and write about my thoughts.


When I am not photographing my surroundings, I love planning events. Weddings, baby showers, birthday celebrations, and throwing parties for the sake of having a party. (Parties that include confetti and macrons tend to be my favorite).

And what is a good party without good food? Lucky for me, in addition to my love of eating out, comes my love of cooking. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, sacks, appetizers, you name it, I’ve probably attempted to cook it.  I find that experimenting with new cocktails is always a fun way to spend an evening ;)


So, please, enjoy my post, pictures, recipes, and adventures. I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy sharing these experiences with you.



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